Artisan tradition, made in Italy.



Le Sûr is a concept that emerges from the world of wine in Friuli.
Breathing in the country air and love for the land, three sisters decided to create Le Sûr, which really does mean sisters in the Friulian language.
Share the atmosphere that permeates the Castle of Buttrio, in its rooms and among its vineyards.
Like a good glass of wine which infuses you with emotions, so Le Sûr takes you back to a certain place.



The history of the Castle of Buttrio is hanging on the thread of tradition, which in itself embodies all the prerogatives of grape growing, with the production of fine wines.

A product that has been handed down over generations and over the years has led to the restructuring of a country house that has now opened its doors to its guests. History means culture, art, craft, ability to envision the future. The family history is entwined in all of this. In fact, it is the men and women who live in a place who make it unique and special. Everything comes from the eye for details, giving life to a series of products that relive the atmosphere at the Castle of Buttrio. Drink a glass of wine warmed by a soft blanket in cashmere, or stroll the hills wearing comfortable ‘friulane’ on your feet provide the emotions that Le Sûr wants to revive in those who love it.




We meld our taste which takes the form of objects and things, based on the rich and strong tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Each product is produced in our region, to add value to our magnificent territory.



Starting from the past, from those traditions of a region rich in history, with a deep modern interpretation.



Local artisans who have created all of these products are our greatest added value. Every detail has been followed by watchful eyes and skilled hands.



Create the memory of a holiday spent in a place that feels like home. We believe in the value passed on from each and every thing, from every bond.